Our Wealth

An attempt is made here to explain the meaning of forest conservation and its value. Forests help to sustained agricultural production, soil erosion, enhance soil fertility and maintain soil moisture, stabilize sand dunes and arrest desertification. It is provide shade for livestock and have significant links with inland and marine fisheries. The mangrove forest provides habitats for many fish species. It helps to preserve and conserve the endangered species. The fish catch enriches protein deficient diets and generates household income. The bio-diversity of plant species accelerates and maintains the rainfall level and, in turn, protects the water resources. The climatic regulation and stability depend on bio-diversity of plant species. The preservation of bio-diversity can prevent unpredictable deforestation, desertification and global warming. Do not forget that, the conservation of biological diversity is our life support system.

As compare to the World each person in India has cover 10% of the jungle. Where each person is occupying 0.64% hectors of the land, in India it is 0.6%. The first was taken in 1988 through National Forestry Policy to know the exact ratio covered by jungle. And was found 27% in the world, where as in India it is 19.49%. Then the Forest Survey of India declared, that need of our is for massive afforestation. And it is a matter of concern for every body. And those afforested places now transformed into complete jungle. The second point is that the local community should aware about Joint Forest Management (JFM), so that people should understand their responsibility to preserve their resources. This step is to understand the community about the development and utility of forest. And for that 21 st March of every year is celebrated as the ‘World Forest Day’.