Magical Ganga

Haridwar – the name evokes reverence. The ancient mythical city of India is blessed by the aura of the Trinity Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahama. This ancient city in Uttar Pradesh is one of the major seat of Hindu pilgrimage and one of the most visited shaktipeetahs, The awe inspiring and mighty Ganges flows through the heart of the city, purifying the hearts and minds of scores of pilgrims.

Thronging the city. Haridwar presents a unique picture in the evenings in Har Ki Puri, when the banks of mighty Ganges get decorated with thousands of diyas or lamps placed on the water, by the devotees hoping for good luck and prosperity. The water flown down thousand and thousand miles and it is life giver for our civilization too.

The holy place is bifurcation to the four famous pilgrimages in India . Haridwar being the first major town in the bank of Ganga, it is the city of Lord Shiva, the holy of holies and a pilgrim can get the feelings salvation with the flowing water, that is why this is the place for saint and sages.

With the passing of ages, Haridwar has purified the mind, the body and the soul. Not only in spiritual or religious terms, the holy city comes up as a major learning center for arts, science and culture. This place has maintained the Gurukul tradition of teaching. The city is known as one of the major source of Ayurvedic medicine and has been providing herbal remedies. Shantikunj, one of the spiritual organizations, presently dedicated them selves with an intense research for new finds in Ayurvedilc medicines, known as Brahma Vascha Research Institute.

The holy place is still lush and green with forest and trees. The ‘ Rajaji Park ‘ in the vicinity has also been the destination for the wildlife and nature lovers. Haridwar offers you some good handicrafts items too, in the market surrounding the temples; one can find jewellery imitations, decorative pieces and the items of stones, which are very popular among the devotees. The bangles, chains, ear and nose rings etc. The main shopping centers are Moti Bazar, Upper Road , Jwalapur, Kankhal. The UP handloom is near the Bharat Mata temple and the government Emporium, Gandhi Ashram is near the Haridwar post office.

Haridwar is located at a height of almost 300 meters. During the summers the temperature usually hangs around 40 degrees but in winters the mercury dipping ass low as six degree. So neither of the seasons is ideal for tourists. The best season to visit Haridwar is some where between September and June.

Adjacent sites:

Har Ki Pauri – One of the sacred ghats in India and was built by Vilkramaditya in memory of his brother Bhartrihari, also the ghat known as Brahmakund. The major event is ‘ Maha Aarti’, which is performed every evening on this ghat.

Chandi Devi – The other side of the river Ganga, the temple on the top of a hill known as Neela Parvat, built by Suchat Singh, the king of Kashmir, in 1929 AD, it is around three Km trek from Chandi ghat.

Mansa Devi – Visit to this temple is must for each and every devotees, is situated on the top of a hill called Bilwa Parvat. The temple can be reached by the rope way or one can take the normal trekking. The hilltop is provides a glorious view of Haridwar.

Maya Devi – This ancient temple is also the Adhisthatri deity of Haridwar. It is one of the Shaktipeeths in India.

Kurukul Kangri University – The University is located on the Haridwar Jwalapour bypass road, it is famous for its unique system of education. This old institution follows the ancient tradition of Guru-Sishya pattern of education. Also the institution has a good archaeological collection, which has historical value.

Daksha Madhadev Temple – About four Km from Haridwar, situated in the town called Kankhal. This temple is one of the five sacred places in Haridwar.

Sapt Rishi – At one place river Ganga divides herself into seven small streams. This place is known as the Sapt Rishi and provides a very pleasing sight.

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar- This place is an enchanting bird watching point particularly during the winter. There are various species of birds which can be spotted here, Siberian Cranes, which are one of the rare visitor to this place.

Rishikesh ­- This place is known as the Tapo Bhumi or the place of meditation of the Gods. At this place the Ganges leaves the mountains and flown down through the plains. This is one of the popular centers for devotees in India and around 24 Km from Haridwar.

Dehradun – This hill station is located in the shivalik. The thick woods and scenic beauty of the place is just stunning and is just 54 Km from Haridwar.

Mussorie – Queen among the hill stations. The salubrious climate and deep woods makes it an ideal location for tourists.

Piran Kalier – On the outskirts of Roorkee is the Dargah of Hazrat Makhdum Ali Ahem ‘Sabir’. It is a must for any visitors to visit this place. This place is known as Piran Kalier and this is a living example of Hindu-Muslim unity. And the place is just 23 Km from Haridwar.

Chila ­- Rajaji Park is located at Chila, an amazing destination for nature and adventure lovers. And the park has 23 species of mammals and about 315 avifauna species. The pristine scenic beauty and rich biodiversity has a destination for wildlife lovers from abroad also.

Deoprayag – One of the sacred places for meditation. At this place the aggressive Alaknanda merges with the gentle flowing Bhagirathi. This place is 95 Kms from Haridwar.

Fairs and festivals – All the Hindu festivals are celebrated here with joy, but the Ardha Kumbha is one of the major occasions for devotees, it’s occurred in every sixth year of interval. It is said that a holy dip in the river Ganges during the Kumbh gives Mokshs or Nirvana.

How to get there – Air services are available up to Jollygrant airport in Dehradun, but the Railways have a station at Haridwar. In fact trains bring the major load of pilgrims and tourists. There are buses available from Delhi to this place. The state transport has ordinary as well as deluxe buses on this route.